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Doctor of Plant Medicine Program

Doctor of Plant Medicine Program


Program Administration

Amanda Hodges

Dr. Amanda Hodges

DPM Program Director
Dr. Amanda Hodges joined the DPM program as the Program Director during August of 2012. Dr. Hodges provides overall coordination for the program, routinely communicates with faculty and students, communicates with prospective students, interfaces with external stakeholders, coordinates the recruiting and promotion of the program, performs various administrative duties, participates in relevant teaching assignments, and provides graduate assistantship funding to DPM students through grants and contracts.


Elena Alyanaya

Academic Advisor II
Elena Alyanaya joined the DPM program in August of 2012. Elena advises prospective and current DPM students regarding application and admission procedures, academic core requirements, appropriate class selection, academic policies, campus resources and guides them towards earning a degree


Faculty Advisory Committee

The Faculty Advisory Committee is a multi-disciplinary group of faculty that provides overall operational support and review of program activities and documents. Current members of the DPM Faculty Advisory Committee include:

William (Billy) Crow

Dr. William (Billy) Crow

Entomology and Nematology

Nicholas Dufault

Dr. Nicholas Dufault

Plant Pathology

Norman C. Leppla

Dr. Norman C. Leppla

Entomology and Nematology

Dr. Oscar E. Liburd

Dr. Oscar E. Liburd

Entomology and Nematology


Dr. Gregory E. MacDonald



Dr. Kimberly Moore

Environmental Horticulture
Ft. Lauderdale Research and Education Center


Dr. Silvana V. Paula-Moraes

West Florida Research and Education Center


Dr. Keith R. Schneider

Food Science and Human Nutrition


Dr. J. Stacy Strickland

Osceola County Extension Office


Dr. Xin Zhao

Horticultural Sciences