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Doctor of Plant Medicine Program

Doctor of Plant Medicine Program

Tuition Costs and Funding

The University of Florida, Division of Enrollment Management maintains information on the cost of undergraduate and graduate education here: Annual Costs.  Note that domestic students are encouraged to file for Florida residency during their first semester of the DPM program.  Florida residency tuition rates reduce tuition costs for out-of-state domestic students. More information on student financial aid for graduate education is available here: Student Financial Aid.

A limited number of assistantships are provided to DPM students on a competitive basis. Prospective graduate students should also contact potential supervisory chair faculty mentors with interests similir to his/her career goals. Faculty may have available funds to support students on either an assistantship or hourly wage basis.

Applicants should refer to the website links provided for the cost of attendance estimates for the University of Florida. However, a professional degree cost comparison for within-state Florida residents has been prepared for your information:

DPM: $12,947.76 for 24 credits per year
Estimated Total Cost for 100 credits-$53,949*

*For an official cost of attendance at the University of Florida, go here. The in-state tuition rate for the DPM program is determined by the University of Florida on an annual basis and subject to legislative increase.

Term Costs Listed Below for Other University of Florida Professional Schools and Degree Programs:

Program Name  Florida Resident Non-Resident
Dental $20,858.99 $34,099.37
Medical $18,328.59 $32,948.71
PharmD $11,450.69 $23,022.42
Veterinary Medicine $14,393.43 $24,881.03
Physical Therapy $11,360.86 $15,980.86
Masters of Public Health $7,645.34 $16,342.09
Masters of Public Health, Accelerated $6,699.49 $14,309.13


The above cost estimates are based on the 2023-24 Student Fee Calculation Estimate available through the University of Florida, Finance and Accounting. Information was downloaded during April of 2024 and can be viewed here.


The DPM Program is a Professional Doctorate Degree in Plant Health. Over the years, a number of students have fully funded their graduate degree through Financial Aid loans. Alumni and current students of the DPM Program understand the value and job market potential for the degree. Some of our students intentionally choose hourly wage or other employment rather than a Graduate Assistantship. In terms of the substantial internship requirement, our students have numerous opportunities for either paid or unpaid internships. Depending upon the student’s interest and the value of the work experience, some students will choose an unpaid internship or work experience during the course of the DPM Program. Prospective DPM students interested in a Graduate Assistantship should consider entering the program with a BS degree for the combined MS/DPM degree. Some DPM Faculty may also choose to support his/her student on a Graduate Assistantship.

Many traditional agricultural or biological science MS/PhD programs will not admit self-funded students. The application process for the DPM Program is competitive, but self-funded applicants will be considered and may be admitted. DPM prepares students for careers as Plant Health Professionals. As indicated on the Tuition and Costs Section of the website, self-funded programs commonly occur in the medical and veterinary profession.

Our most recent funding statistics for the 24 currently enrolled students (Fall 2014 – Summer 2015):

  • 74% Graduate Assistantship or Fellowship Recipients
  • 15% Full-Time Employment (4 out of 7 not on a Graduate Assistantship)
  • 3.7% Funded by an International Government (1 out of 7 not on a Graduate Assistantship)
  • 3.7% Funded by a Graduate Assistantship at least 2 out of 3 semesters and employed with a Summer Substantial Full-Time Internship (1 out of 7 not on a Graduate Assistantship)
  • 3.7% Funded as a Part-Time Employee and in his/her Final DPM Semester during Fall 2014 (1 out of 7 not on a Graduate Assistantship)

Additional funding information is available in the DPM Graduate Handbook.

From the DPM Graduate Handbook:
First Year Doctor of Plant Medicine (DPM) Assistantships

  • A limited number of Graduate Assistantships are available to students enrolling in the DPM Program. These funds are awarded on a highly competitive basis to qualified Doctor of Plant Medicine (DPM) students. Assistantships are generally awarded to first year students, but assistantships may also be awarded to exceptional students after the first year to assist with specific program operations. Application Deadline: February 15 for Fall Semester Admission or until a suitable pool of applicants is identified. July 15 for Spring Semester Admission or until a suitable pool of applicants is identified. DPM students may also be funded by his/her academic advisor.
  • Student applicants for First Year Assistantships will be evaluated by a committee. GPA, GRE, statement of purpose, prior course work, references, previous degrees, and commmitment of a faculty mentor to at least partially support and mentor the graduate student will be considered in the evaluation process.

Latin America and the Caribbean Scholarships

  • Thanks to an agreement with the Florida State Legislature, students not on assistantships who are residents of Latin American and Caribbean countries may qualify for in-state tuition if they are recipients of a minimum scholarship of $500/semester. Other international students interested to enroll in the Doctor of Plant Medicine Program are advised to seek financial assistance, if needed, from their government or from national and international granting organizations. Please contact the DPM Director to discuss this funding opportunity.

General Funding Strategies

  • DPM students have often identified funding through projects within the component departments of the Plant Medicine Program (Agronomy, Entomology/Nematology, Plant Pathology, etc.), part time jobs, scholarships and fellowships, low cost student loans and various combinations of these strategies. A dual MS/DPM degree is also possible.

Fellowship/Assistantship Requirements

  • It is the policy of UF/CALS that students must maintain a 3.0 GPA (“B” average) or better in order to remain in graduate school and to continue their assistantship or fellowship. Opportunities available throughout the University of Florida Graduate School will be periodically posted here.
  • See: Florida Residency for Tuition Purposes.

Degree Requirements

  • NOTE: It is the responsibility of the student to observe all regulations and procedures required by the program he/she is pursuing. The Graduate Catalog is the ultimate authority on regulations and procedures (Graduate-Catalog). Ignorance of a rule does not constitute a basis for waiving that rule.
  • The DPM degree requires 84-85 semester credits of approved graduate coursework and 15-16 credit hours of approved internship credits. All full-time DPM students should have an approved DPM Committee by the beginning of his/her second semester. All part-time students should have an approved DPM Committee by the beginning of his/her third semester.