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Doctor of Plant Medicine Program

Doctor of Plant Medicine Program


Only DPM students co-enrolled in one of our discipline department MS programs complete a thesis. DPM students often participate in applied research within laboratory programs, and may participate in the publication of peer-reviewed scientific and extension papers. More information regarding the latest policies for the DPM program is available in the DPM Graduate Handbook.

The DPM program is a partnership among faculty mentors and teaching faculty within the following primary departments:

Interested in learning more about the faculty in the departments affiliated with the DPM Program? Visit faculty webpages within departmental websites.

Co-enrolled MS/DPM students are generally supported on a graduate assistantship by his/her faculty mentor. The DPM Director is located within the Entomology and Nematology Department; however, the DPM is a multi-departmental program. DPM students are members of the DPM Program and the home department of his/her Supervisory Chair. A co-enrolled MS/DPM student benefits from the guidance and faculty mentorship of two separate graduate committees. It is required that the DPM student’s MS Supervisory Chair also serve as the student’s DPM Supervisory Chair/Co-Chair. Detailed planning and coordination of the MS/DPM student’s Program of Study may result in a student completing 40% to 50% of his/her DPM courses during the co-enrollment period. DPM Director Amanda Hodges assists students and faculty with co-enrollment questions. Co-enrolled MS/DPM students may complete a combined degree within 4 years.

Online Degree Information
Although the DPM Program is currently a campus-based degree, approximately two-thirds of the DPM coursework may be completed through distance education. For a full listing of the current DPM courses available online, download a PDF courses and online education status. Currently, the DPM Program is only considering applicants for admission that intend to complete some required coursework on the Gainesville, Florida campus. Please note that the online courses available to prospective DPM students may be particularly beneficial to part-time students interested in Florida and located near one of our Research and Education Centers (RECs).

The DPM Program does offer an online Plant Pest Risk Assessment and Management Certificate.