An interview with Sam Glucksman

Sam Gluckman
by Nicole Casuso | DPM Newsletter Summer 2015
Q. Please describe your academic background.
A. I received my B.S. in Botany at the University of Florida in 2007. I then enrolled in the DPM Program and completed my degree in August 2011.

Q. What is your current occupation and how has your DPM degree aided you in the tasks and
responsibilities associated with your position?
A. Crop Management Specialist-Account Manager with Glades Crop Care, Inc. My DPM degree has aided me in my current occupation by giving me the knowledge and skill set for identifying and controlling pests, diseases, and other issues that affect plant health. My internships with the Doctor of Plant Medicine Clinical Trials and the UF Plant Disease Clinic have contributed greatly to my success as a principle investigator for large scale grower demonstrations, and field diagnosis of pests and diseases.

Q. What prompted you to pursue your current career?
A. I wanted a position that would allow me to utilize all the skills and knowledge gained from the program including trial work and contract research.

Q. Why did you choose the DPM program?
A. I love working with plants in the field, greenhouse, and laboratory, but wanted more than a research experience. A practicing degree allowed me to utilize the information gained in research, and apply it to real world scenarios.

Q. On a personal level, how has your DPM degree influenced you?
A. Besides all the science, my degree has influenced my personal life in many ways. It has taught me the importance of discipline and hard work, networking and social development (maintaining good relationships). Most of all, admiration and respect for the agricultural industry and community.