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DPM Program
Steinmetz Hall
Department of Entomology and Nematology
University of Florida, IFAS
1881 Natural Area Drive
Gainesville, FL 32611

Elena Alyanaya
Elana Alyanaya
Academic Advisor I
1017 Steinmetz Hall
(352) 273-3903
Email: Elena Alyanaya

Elena Alyanaya joined the DPM program as the Program Assistant during August of 2012. Ms. Alyanaya assists prospective students with application status questions, routinely communicates with current students and faculty regarding program-specific issues, and assists the DPM Director with various administrative duties.

Dr. Amanda Hodges
Dr. Amanda Hodges
DPM Director
3105 Steinmetz Hall
(352) 273-3957
Email: Dr. Hodges

Dr. Amanda Hodges joined the DPM program as the Program Director during August of 2012. Dr. Hodges provides overall coordination for the program, routinely communicates with faculty and students, communicates with prospective students, interfaces with external stakeholders, coordinates the recruiting and promotion of the program, performs various administrative duties, and participants in relevant teaching assignments, and provides graduate assistantship funding to DPM students through grants and contracts.