Plant Medicine Program at UF

Welcome to the DPM Program! DPM graduates may pursue careers as diagnosticians, crop consultants, plant inspectors, survey specialists, regulatory scientists, extension specialists, private industry consultants, small business owners, applied research specialists, managers, or other plant health professionals.  The diversity and intensive training of the DPM program provides many opportunities for program graduates.  Each student plans his/her program of study with a supervisory committee and by the approval of the DPM Director.  A student’s supervisory committee consists of one member of the graduate faculty in the following competency areas: Plant, Soil, Weed Science, Plant Pathology, Entomology and Nematology. Read more about the DPM Program through the latest edition of our newsletter: DPM Newsletter. In order to access historical editions of our newsletter, go to our news page: DPM Archived News. Interested in comments from our students or alumni?  For program updates from the DPM students, visit our DPM Facebook Page. Interested in learning more about our current students? Visit Current Students for information on the students in the program.

DPM students in front of a carrot field

Letter from the Director

Dear Friends, Alumni, Students, and Faculty:

Thank you for your continued support of the Plant Doctor Profession and the UF, DPM Program! The success of our students and alumni continues to depend upon the contributions and efforts of many-including you!…

As the UF, DPM Program Director, I am interested in 1) continually raising our already high programmatic standards 2) soliciting additional premier applicants for the DPM Program 3) efforts to fund the majority of full-time DPM students on graduate assistantships and 4) increasing Plant Doctor educational enrollment. Our enthusiastic alumni and students prove the DPM Program’s success and future potential. Our graduation rates for the Plant Doctor profession do not meet our increasing employer needs. Each edition of DPM News highlights accomplishments of our outstanding alumni and faculty. Our UF DPM Faculty are PhD discipline-trained scientists who understand the value of the Plant Doctor Profession. Although expanded student enrollment and program offerings would benefit the Plant Doctor Profession, student enrollment limits should occur once graduation rates approach demand for employment opportunity. During 2013-2014, the UF DPM Program began intensively following the achievements of alumni. Statistics relating to our alumni will be periodically updated on our website and in DPM News…(Read More Here).