Exam Information

Plant, Soil, and Weed Science

Coordinator: Dr. Greg MacDonald (pineacre@ufl.edu)
Study Guide: Plant, Soil, and Weed Science

Entomology and Nematology

Entomology Coordinator: Dr. Silvana Paula-Moraes (paula.moraes@ufl.edu)
Study Guide: Entomology Exam Study Guide

Nematology Coordinator: Dr. William Crow (wtcr@ufl.edu)

Study Guide: Nematology Exam Study Guide

Plant Pathology

Coordinator: Dr. Nick Dufault (nsdufault@ufl.edu)
Study Guide: Plant Pathology Exam Study Guide

Oral Exams

DPM oral examinations are scheduled individually with the DPM student and their respective committee members prior to university required deadlines for each semester.