Shannon McAmis

I was born and raised in the Tampa Bay area in Florida. I went to the University of South Florida and graduated with my B.S. in Cell and Molecular Biology in 2016. After graduation I reflected on my childhood growing up on my family’s small farm in New Port Richey, FL and decided I wanted to pursue a career in agriculture. This brought me to the University of Florida where I completed my M.S. in Agronomy. For my thesis I focused on evaluating a crop model’s ability to predict aflatoxin contamination in peanut and further exploring environmental conditions that lead to aflatoxin contamination through a greenhouse experiment.

During my M.S. I began to further appreciate the complexities of agricultural systems and wanted to broaden my understanding of the different aspects involved in agriculture. I am excited to do this through the DPM program’s interdisciplinary approach and to use this knowledge in a future career in agriculture.

Fun Fact: I am a nationally competitive Olympic weightlifter and just took home my first National Champion title in 2020!