Andy Jean Louis

I was born in Cap-Haitian, a city located in the Northern part of Haiti. Growing up in a country with a high food insecurity level, I felt appealed and wanted to help tackle the food insecurity issue. Fortunately, I was granted a scholarship to study agricultural science at EARTH University in Costa Rica. After my B.S., I decided I wanted to go to grad school. Even if I have always wanted to pursue a grad degree in Entomology, I also felt the need to have a broad idea and be able to apply a multi-faceted approach while trying to tackle plant challenges. When I heard about the DPM (Doctor of Plant Medicine) program, I took my time to look it up, and I was excited to see that it was what I wanted. I am currently working on the Brown Marmorated Stink Bug (BMSB), a devastating pest, already established in many states. The plan is to prevent its establishment in Florida, with biological control as our first approach.