Degree Completion Quick Facts

Degree completion depends upon a student’s progress within his/her program of study, successful completion of the substantial internship requirement, and completion of comprehensive exams. A DPM degree may be completed in 4 years. To see a full listing of required courses for this program please click here.

  • Each DPM student is a member of the academic department of his/her Supervisory Chair and the DPM Program.
  • Each student has a graduate committee consisting of graduate faculty members from each of the competency areas: Plant, Soil, Weed Science, Plant Pathology, Entomology, and Nematology.
  • All students must complete the DPM Program of Study as outlined in the DPM Graduate Handbook. The DPM curriculum requires 84-85 credits of approved courses and 15-16 internship credits.
  • All students will complete two, 3-credit substantial internships (ALS 6943, Internship in Plant Pest Risk Assessment and Management). A student’s committee and the DPM Director must approve the substantial internship proposal and summary.
  • Full-time students establish his/her Supervisory Committee by the first semester. The DPM Director must approve the student’s Supervisory Committee Form. The DPM Director will check for consistency of committee membership with graduate faculty status and DPM Program Guidelines.
  • Full-time students will submit his/her Program of Study by the end of the second semester. Part-time students will submit their Program of Study by the end of the third semester. The DPM Director will review and approve the student’s Program of Study for the required and frequently recommended courses.
  • A DPM student entering in the program with either a MS or PhD may transfer up to 30 credits of courses to the DPM Program. Consult with the DPM Director and/or Program Assistant for further questions.
  • DPM students are responsible for reading and understanding the DPM Graduate Student Handbook. Student Agreement Form.
  • Each DPM student must pass written comprehensive exams for the DPM competency areas: Plant, Soil, Weed Science, Plant Pathology, Entomology, and Nematology. Students are advised to complete these exams as soon as core courses are complete. Students are also strongly advised to complete theses written competency area exams prior to the completion of his/her substantial interships. Study guide and test date information is available here: DPM Comp. Written & Oral Exam Schedule.
  • Each student must pass his/her written comprehensive exams prior to the completion of the DPM final oral exam. The DPM final oral exam will occur during the last semester of a student’s program.
  • Students enrolled in the DPM Program are provided with extensive faculty mentoring, guidance, and support. Nonetheless, successful completion of the DPM Program is the responsibility of the student. If a student is not meeting DPM Program expectations, dismissal may occur.