Heather Kalaman

Academic Credentials:

B.S. in Biology – University of Central Florida, 2014.

Co-enrolled M.S. in Environmental Horticulture and DPM.

I was born and raised here in the state of Florida, and my initial interest in horticulture and the field of plant science began during my undergraduate studies. It was during this time that I was able to participate in a field-based study abroad trip to Guyana, South America with Professor Steve Myers of Valencia College. This trip allowed me the opportunity to both live amongst and study the ethnobotanical use of plants by the Macushi Amerindians. Exposure to indigenous culture and respect the for plants around them in terms of both use and conservation, left me captivated.

After completing my bachelors, I spent several years traveling and working in and out of my field of study. My travels brought me all over the country of India, Cuba, and various regions of the United States. My professional experiences provided me lab training in water chemistry analysis, preparation of chemicals and equipment use for both organic and inorganic chemistry, and inoculation and media preparation techniques in microbiology, as well as both soil and aquaponic based green house work.

As a current Doctor of Plant Medicine student, my interests in plant identification, propagation, and diagnostics are all encompassing and continuously evolving. This has coincided well with the objectives and opportunities provided within the DPM program, and I look forward to working hard and experiencing all that I can in my time here.

I am additionally pursuing my Master’s in Environmental Horticulture under the advisory of Dr. Knox, Dr. Wilson, and Dr. Mallinger. My thesis work will focus on pollinator plant interactions, evaluating the efficacy and resource value of ornamental plants for native bees. My goal is to generate the necessary research to support the assumptions that certain ornamentals marketed as pollinator friendly provide beneficial floral resources to our native bee populations.


“Risk discomfort and solitude for understanding.”

-Dr. Wade Davis