Bruce Stripling

Bruce StriplingI choose the DPM Program due to a need to further my education within the agricultural chemical industry. I spent five years as a County Extension Agent in Georgia before leaving for FMC in 2005. Since that time, I have been a Research Biologist at FMC’s Sparks Research Station located in Sparks, Georgia. My master’s degree has served me well as it covered the multi-disciplinary approach to pest systems and I have worked with insecticides, fungicides, herbicides and nematicides trials and assays at the station. The multi-disciplinary approach also helped with working with growers while I was in Extension but as you move up within industry there is a need to have a Doctorate. In industry, the landscape shifts and changes quickly so having a multi-disciplinary Doctorate is imperative to being adaptable and knowledgeable about all fields of pest control. In industry, Product Development Managers and Project Managers work on multi-disciplinary projects covering all aspects of pest control so this program will provide the foundation for my future growth in the chemical industry.

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