Brandon Jones

Brandon JonesMy name is Brandon Jones and I am a Florida native. Being born and raised in Southwest Florida along
the Gulf coast allowed me to gain an appreciation of the natural ecosystems encompassing the southern portion of the state. Much of my time was spent exploring the swamps and coastal ecosystems of the area. During this time, I began to also develop an interest in plant pathology and horticulture, and started focusing on how to pursue a career within the field. I graduated with my BS in Natural Resource Conservation in 2015 from the University of Florida. The NRC degree interested me because I had the ability to work with an advisor and chose the majority of my coursework. Some of the most enjoyable and memorable courses were those that are applicable towards the DPM program. After learning about the DPM program, I knew that was the direction I would like to pursue. Having a broad understanding of plant health and diagnostics intrigued me immensely. Being a dual enrolled MS Nematology/DPM student allows me to focus on a narrow subject while at the same time gaining a broad understanding of plant health. I look forward to what I can accomplish throughout my time in the DPM program and subsequent my completion.

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