Benjamin Waldo

Benjamin WaldoI desired to pursue a B.S. degree in Horticulture after a high school nursery project captured my interest in cultivating plants. I put that dream aside and attended a small liberal arts college in order to help me narrow my broad interests down to a degree in Biology. An alumnus from my college invited me to participate in an internship at Sakata Seed America in Ft. Myers, Florida in 2013. There I was introduced to plant pathology and decided to pursue graduate school in a plant pathology discipline as a result of the experience. I met Dr. Elizabeth Malek during my time with Sakata and she introduced me to the DPM program.

I was immediately drawn toward the interdisciplinary applied scientific approach of the program. After visiting Dr. Hodges on campus last summer, I was convinced this was the right match for me. My broad interests would be a benefit in this program and I could greatly expand my knowledge and experience in plant health. I look forward to contributing to the needs of plant care in Florida and currently am interested in the private sector for future employment. I am very grateful to God and all the people that helped guide me here. Go Gators!

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