Alicia Kelly

Alicia Kelley

Entomology has always been my passion in biology. During my senior year of under-grad, I had the opportunity to work with honey bees, which introduced me to the world of agriculture and the many challenges growers face today. I became interested in how pest control practices affect the environment, especially pollinators. After gradua-tion, I decided to pursue a job in industry where I worked with urban pests for three years. However, I knew I wanted to return to agriculture and plant pests, so I decided to pursue a Master’s in entomology.
I chose a Master’s program at the Citrus Research and Education Center after learning about the current epidemic of Huanglongbing in Florida citrus crops. Researching this vector-borne plant disease exposed me to several agricultural sciences, such as plant pathology, soil and root health, and microbiology. My desire to learn more about plant diseases from the perspective of other disciplines led me to the DPM. I wanted to expand my knowledge of plant health to become an expert in integrated pest manage-ment, and the DPM program was the perfect fit for these goals.

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