Morgan Byron

Morgan Conn Originally from New Port Richey, I have lived in Florida for my entire life. From my grandmother’s garden to the unique ecosystems of wild Florida, the beauty and character of this state deeply influenced my love of nature from an early age.

I received my B.S. in Wildlife Ecology and Conservation (with a Specialization in Wildlife Ecology) from the University of Florida in May 2011. The Wildlife Ecology and Conservation (WEC) program, like the DPM program, is an integrative, multidisciplinary approach to life sciences. Spending the last seven years in Gainesville, my interest in natural science, agriculture, and sustainability grew, which led me back to UF for graduate school.

I began pursuing my M.S. in Entomology and working as a graduate teaching assistant for the Natural Area Teaching Lab (NATL) in Summer 2013. My assistantship is very unique because there is a hands-on, outdoor component – maintaining interpretive nature trails, leading tours and volunteer events, helping with habitat restoration – as well as a portion that takes place at my desk, where I work on the NATL website, interact with the public through social media, and build maps in GIS. I also work part-time on the Featured Creatures website, editing new submissions and building the pages for them.

Currently I am co-enrolled, finishing my Entomology M.S. while beginning my DPM coursework and it is a very exciting time. The DPM program allows me to learn more about the ecological disciplines that I am passionate about, while exploring some topics that are new to me. Ultimately, I want to use the knowledge I have gained at UF to solve problems, help others, and dedicate my life to the health of plants and the land that supports them.

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