Lisbeth Espinoza

Lisbeth EspinozaI was born in Santa Rosa, a beautiful and peaceful town located in southern Ecuador, dedicated basically to agriculture and aquaculture. Since I was a little child I felt the calling to develop my knowledge in this field.

My undergrad studies were in Agricultural sciences and after that I worked at the Biotechnology Research Centre of Ecuador (CIBE) which is an associate research center to the Polytechnic School of the Littoral (ESPOL). At this time I had the opportunity to get involved in a project of extension with small farmers as well as in plant pathology and diagnostics.

My previous experience and passion for learning new things drove me to the DPM program, I realized that this program offers all the tools and skills to do what I love to do and does not limit my knowledge to one field, I can learn about insects, plant diseases, nematodes, weeds, soils, anything.

My first year in this program has been challenging however all the experiences gained have definitely made it worthwhile.

I’m pretty sure that this knowledge will be really helpful to the agriculture and education of my country. This is a hard-core program, but I like it!!

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