Students in DPM program gain government, NGO, and industry exposure unavailable to students in traditional degree programs. In addition to the required industry or private sector internship, DPM students participate in numerous field trips around the country to places such as USDA and state government offices, commercial production facilities, universities and research stations, gardens, and nurseries. Recently, the DPM student organization, through fundraising events and donations, funded a ten-day study abroad trip to Ecuador for 15 students.

Field trip attendance is a requirement for students enrolled in the Integrated Plant Medicine course, a course developed specifically for the DPM program. In 2017 the class visited the University of Georgia, the USDA, several extension offices in Florida, various crop production sites, an ag chemical producer, and students also attended conferences and trade shows. These are just a few examples of the kinds of unique experiences provided to Doctor of Plant Medicine Students. Use the navigation at the right to read more!