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Graduate Handbook
It is the responsibility of the student to observe all regulations and procedures required by the program he/she is pursuing. The Graduate Catalog is the ultimate authority on regulations and procedures: Graduate Catalog/Regulations & Procedures.

Ignorance of a rule does not constitute a basis for waiving that rule. Much of the content for the DPM Handbook is modified from existing University of Florida policies. Please review the DPM Program Student Handbook.

Please read and sign the Student Agreement Form.

Please review the Guidelines for DPM Program Dismissal.

The following forms are referenced in the DPM Graduate Handbook and for students currently enrolled in the DPM Program. Please contact the DPM Director Amanda Hodges or the DPM Academic Advisor Elena Alyanaya for further questions.

Written Exam Information

Each DPM student is advised to complete his/her written competency area exam upon completion of core coursework. The current exam schedule is available at: DPM Comp Written and Oral Exam Schedule


The current study guidelines for each exam are available at:

The following courses were specifically designed with the DPM Program in mind and information for the courses can be found at the Entomology Department website:

The following courses and internships are available only to DPM students:

  • Integrated Plant Medicine: ALS 6925
  • Plant Medicine Program Seminar: ALS 6931
  • Scouting and Survey Methods for Plant Health Professionals: ENY 6934
  • Internship in Plant Pest Risk Assessment and Managment: ALS 6943

The following courses were designed for DPM students as a component of the Plant Pest Risk Assessment and Management Certificate, but are available to other students.

  • Colloquium of Plant Pests of Regulatory Significance: ALS 6921
  • Principles of Plant Pest Risk Assessment and Management: ALS 6942

The following core internships are offered in an intensive group learning environment, and were originally developed for DPM students:

  • Insect Diagnostics: ENY 6942
  • Nematode Diagnostics: NEM 6942

The following core internship is offered through the UF Plant Disease Clinic in Gainesville, Florida following completion of core plant pathology courses:

Professional Internship in the Plant Disease Clinic: PLP 6942

For syllabus information for the above course, go to the UF Plant Pathology Department Course and Syllabi Page.

Additional courses offered included as core component of the DPM curriculum have included DPM-specific information within existing courses

In order to further understand the DPM curriculum, prospective students should review the latest DPM handbook The DPM Director, Amanda Hodges can also meet with you and discuss your Program of Study.


Students are assessed on an annual basis regarding their discipline knowledge (plant, soil, and weed science; entomology, nematology; and plant pathology), critical thinking skills, and professional behavior.  Student assessments are maintained by the program as part of the academic assessment plan.  A student’s supervisory committee chair is responsible for providing a summary of the committee’s feedback to the student for professional development purposes. Students not meeting the pass criteria for the exam are subject to potential dismissal.
Annual DPM Graduate Student Evaluation

As DPM students have completed written exams and other course requirements, a final oral exam is required.  Each student’s supervisory committee is responsible for completing the final oral exam assessment rubric.
Final DPM Oral Exam Assessment

DPM students and other eligible applicants may complete the Graduate Certificate in Plant Pest Risk Assessment and Management. In addition to completing the course criteria listed below, applicants must complete an assessment prior to receiving the Graduate Certificate.

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